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Baked Pineapple Ginger Salmon – Foods That Heal

   Jan 19

Baked Pineapple Ginger Salmon – Foods That Heal

IMG 83242 300x225 Baked Pineapple Ginger Salmon   Foods That Heal

Cookbooks (I read them like novels), food related magazines (especially my grandmother’s huge Taste of Home collection), other food blogs, our local farmers market, and even my pantry (cumin seeds, oregano, garlic…thinkin’ Mexican for dinner!) are all ways I get inspired to cook .  With all of that inspiration I end up cooking and baking a lot, which I love, but one thing I don’t love is measuring.  This of course posed a problem when I first wanted to share a recipe in person or through this blog.  All that changed when I bought a dedicated kitchen notebook and began writing down what I put in every recipe using measuring spoons, cups, and my nifty food scale.  This way when you make my recipes they turn out just as great for you as they did for me.  My kitchen notebook made it easier to tweak my catering recipes and also made it easier to blog my recipes.   The other day, though, I learned something invaluable in the culinary world:

There are 3 teaspoons in 1 Tablespoon

Headline news, right?  I thought there were 2  and for years before that, 4.   Its no surprise to me that I didn’t know how many teaspoons are in one tablespoon because I learned to cook from my grandmother and she rarely used any measuring tools.  It was a handful of this and a pinch of that and everything turned out perfect. I remember her teaching me how to make cornbread and she didn’t even measure the liquid ingredients.  She eyeballed everything in a coffee cup.  Now its starting to make sense why I’m # of teaspoons  in a tablespoon challenged.

IMG 8314 300x225 Baked Pineapple Ginger Salmon   Foods That Heal

Pineapple ginger sauce ready to get cozy with the salmon

I’m entering this post into Maggie’s Food’s that Heal, which is January’s Go Ahead Honey It’s Gluten Free by Naomi Devlin. I can’t think of anything more  healing and nourishing than beneficial fats, can you?!  For years the no fat-low fat campaign was going strong and I’m so glad the truth is coming out…Fat is good for you! Especially Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)

~Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are necessary fats that we cannot manufacture, and must come from our diet.  There are two families of EFAs: Omega-3 and Omega-6. Omega-9 is important, but ”non-essential” because the body can create it on its own, as long as essential EFAs are present.

~ EFAs support the cardiovascular, immune, reproductive, and nervous systems.  EFAs also  manufacture and repair cell membranes, enabling the cells to obtain optimum nutrition and expel harmful waste products. A main function of EFAs is the production of prostaglandins, which regulate body functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood clotting, fertility,  and play a role in immune function by regulating inflammation and encouraging the body to fight infection.

Let’s dive into Omega 3 essential fatty acids before we dig into the salmon recipe below rich in Omega 3′s!

Omega 3 essential fatty acids

~Fatty acids (EPA & DHA) from Omega 3′s are later converted into  hormone-like compounds known as eicosanoids, which aid in bodily functions including vital organ function and intracellular activity.

~Omega 3s are used in the formation of cell walls, making them supple and flexible.  This gives our circulation and oxygen uptake a boost because of proper red blood cell flexibility and function.

~ Omega 3 deficiencies cause  poor vision, diminished immune function, increased triglycerides and “bad” cholesterol (LDL) levels,  hypertension, irregular heart beat, learning disorders, menopausal discomfort, and growth retardation in infants and children.

Omega 3′s are good stuff, which is why it is critical to obtain them in our diet.

IMG 8317 300x225 Baked Pineapple Ginger Salmon   Foods That Heal

Right before it went into the oven.

Pineapple Ginger Baked Salmon

In order to ensure you’ll be receiving all possible Omega 3 love from your salmon, purchase wild caught instead of farmed.  I mentioned earlier that I get inspired in many different ways for my cooking, including this recipe.  I was at our local fish market and saw a bottle of prepared pineapple ginger sauce for fish and thought, “I bet I can make that at home”.  After two attempts I got the flavors just right. I’m happy, and so is the salmon!


5 boneless salmon fillets (about 1 lb)

1 cup fresh pineapple – chopped (any size as its final destiny will be in the food processor)

1 inch fresh ginger, peeled and chopped

3 cloves of garlic

1/2 cup coconut palm sugar or 1/4 cup honey

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

6 green onions, chopped in thirds (cutting it in thirds helps my food processor)

1/2 red bell pepper, chopped into chunks

1 tsp hot red pepper flakes, optional ( You could add a fresh red or green chile with or without seeds)

1/4 cup coconut aminos (Similar to soy sauce only made with coconut water and not soy!)

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice


Preheat oven to 375. Wash salmon and pat dry.  Place in a oiled glass baking dish, season with salt and pepper and drizzle with grapeseed oil.

To the bowl of the food processor add the pineapple, ginger, garlic,  onion, and sweetener of choice and blend until mostly smooth.  Then add in green onions, bell pepper, hot pepper flakes, coconut aminos,  and lemon juice and pulse so the mixture remains chunky.

Pour 1 cup of mixture over salmon and marinate for as little as 10 minutes and up to thirty minutes in the refrigerator.  After the fish has marinated for your desired time, bake in the oven covered for 3o minutes and uncovered for 5 minutes.

Reserve the remaining pineapple ginger sauce in a glass jar in the refrigerator for another use such as baking chicken in it, or another fish.

IMG 8332 156x300 Baked Pineapple Ginger Salmon   Foods That Heal

The next day for lunch I sauteed spinach and green onions until wilted. I topped with the salmon to heat through and lunch is served.

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tropical traditions coconut oil Baked Pineapple Ginger Salmon   Foods That Heal

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    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe for Go Ahead Honey! I’m working on the post right now and it’s HUGE :) I love your focus on Omega 3s. I’m definitely passing this one on to my Mom. She is trying to get more salmon into her diet, and my Dad LOVE pineapple! It’s perfect!

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